Sunday, September 20, 2015

Finding the Positivity

                                                   GOOD SUNDAY MORNING!!

It is a beautiful, cool morning here in WNY today! For the first time in my life, this morning, I sat up in bed, touched my feet to the floor and I just said "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."  I took in a deep breath and got up to start getting ready for the day.

Life is about living and trying to stay in a positive state of mind. I am learning that more and more. I know there may be times when that is difficult. We all have those moments. I find that, for myself personally, I have a tendency to be aware of all the bad things that may be going on around me, whether it be something locally, somewhere around the world, or to me personally. But I have learned that we need to find the positives in our day. I think when bad things are happening, we try to snuff it out, bury it down. When we do that, we tend to forget about the good that's happening, because I think we try to bury down all of it, and the good gets buried too. 

A few months ago, over the summer, before my cousin died, I was in a waiting area of a physical therapy center waiting for someone. A patient comes in and sits down next to me to wait. She was a stroke patient, and I have come to know her over time. I know what she has struggled with and what her current struggles are. She is able to walk, with the assistance of a cane, but she has no use of her left arm. I know that this has been hard for her because she so desperately wants to be back to normal. 

So as she sat down next to me, I gave her a smile and asked how she was doing. She sighed and said "Oh, ok. How are you?" I could tell she was disgruntled, but I smiled back at her and I said very happily "I am pretty good. I can't complain. Any day I wake up and am blessed with a new day, it's a good day." She just looked at me and said "Ugh, why bother."                                                           Sadly, it kind of reminded me of Eeyore. I felt bad for her, but yet at the same time, I thought a negative attitude and energy isn't really good for anyone. While I had the private thoughts to myself, I realize now that maybe I should have said them to her. She really had accomplished so much after her stroke and that's what she needed to look at. Focus on the positives!!

I take time to focus on my blessings every day. I am thankful to be given another day. I am thankful and so very blessed to have my children. I am fortunate enough to have an amazing Mom and Dad and wonderful family and friends. Life might not be perfect, but I am happy to have my life. I hope you take the time to do that for yourself too. If things get rough, just stop, breathe and take a few minutes to just think about the good things that are going on too. Don't let the good things get buried so far that all you can focus on is the bad. 

Thanks for reading. Take time today to cherish the moments, and always remember to embrace the positivity.

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