Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Powerball Madness and Finding Happiness

Hey Everyone! I hope everyone had a good week. It seems like it's been a while since I posted last. I am trying to get better at this whole blogging thing. But anyway, a little segue before I get into my topic. Last Monday, January 11th, my dad had knee replacement surgery.As with all surgeries, there is risk involved. Dad has a little more risk than others due to a heart condition...atrial fibrillation. We were told the surgery might be done by 9:30 am, but that it was a possibility that he might not get done until 10 am. We escorted him to just before the OR, and said our good luck wishes, gave kisses and said our I love yous.

While my mom, my daughter and I waited in the surgical lounge, there came a time where we started to become concerned. It was a little after 10 am. All these other doctors were coming out and talking to their patients families that had arrived around the same time as we did and there we sat. Every time the surgical lounge door opened, we expected to see my dads' doctor and it was someone else's doctor. It was well after 10 am and my mom started to cry insisting that something just had to be wrong.....this was taking too long. While trying to keep her calm, I began to get anxious myself. I tried desperately to just try and focus on my breathing and not make my mom more anxious than she already was. Finally at 10:30 or so, my dads' doctor came out to tell us that he was fine and everything went better than he expected. We all breathed a sigh of relief, cried a few tears and waited for him to come down to his room from recovery. Dad is doing pretty well, all things considered. 

So last week as the power ball reached the $1.5 BILLION jackpot, the nation was sent into a frenzy, picking numbers and buying tickets hoping to be the lucky winner!! Some people put in hundreds of dollars hoping they would have the winning combination. They had high hopes that this would be their ship sailing on in to port.  Some people were thinking that this money is the answer to all their financial woes and the answer to happiness. But is it? Would it be? I'll admit it. I spent about $10 on some numbers with hopes and dreams I would win. My daughter and her boyfriend spent a few bucks as well. We all said we wouldn't be greedy. Even a million would have made life a little easier. But would it make us happier?

As we sat there on Wednesday night waiting for the drawing, my 16 year old son said out loud, "No matter what happens guys, win or lose, we still have each other." I love that boy of mine. It's not like I needed that to be put into perspective for me, but he is right. In the end, family is what always matters the most. As I sit here now, typing out this blog entry, I can't help but think....if God forbid, something happened to my Dad during his surgery and he was no longer with us, no amount of money would bring him back to us. We couldn't buy new happiness to help us with the loss we would feel by losing a husband, a dad and a grandfather. $1.5 billion, or a million, it just wouldn't matter. Now mind you, IF, again....God forbid, something had happened to my dad, I doubt any of us would be thinking power ball tickets anyway, but you get my point. 

You can have all the money in the world. but it doesn't buy happiness. It might make you feel a little bit comfortable. It buys you things. But think about it, is it really things that make you happy? You could have anything you wanted, but I can't see how those "things" would make you happy. If you don't have the love of family and friends, would all those "things" even matter? 

I don't have a lot of material things. I have necessities. I also have wants, as most do. But, I have come to realize in my life that it's not the things that make you happy. Although I do have one exception to that....and that is my house. We moved, almost 3 years ago now, and I do have to say that my house changed me. Long story short, there was just some bad energy in our other home, despite some changes we tried to make. It just made me overall, a very miserable person and someone I didn't like very much. The move gave us a new outlook, a little more space and brand new energy that we provided....positive energy!! The kids even talked with my mom and said how the new house has changed me for the better. Everyone noticed a difference in me and we all believe it was the change of homes and having a fresh start. 

But, with that being said....my house is full of second hand furniture. We will need a new couch soon as the one we have has seen some better days, but it is still good for curling up on, and sitting on, but it is old and starting fall apart around the edges. But you know what? It's all good!! I recently just got a "new" (to me) vehicle....it was the most practical for me. I went from a 2005 vehicle with 170k miles to another 2005 vehicle with about 86k miles on it. I love it, and I am happy with it. It has a sunroof, a great stereo and it gets me where I need to go. 

But out of all of this....what is most important to me is my family. I have two of the most amazing parents and two amazing kids. I love all of them with all that I am. My kids are two wonderful young adults that are on pretty decent paths in their lives. I am nothing short of proud. My daughter has the most loving and caring guy in her life. They've been dating for about 3 years and I couldn't be happier for her that she has found someone that treats her as she deserves to be treated. 

Family should never be sacrificed for anything. They're too important. We only have a little while on this earth and we have to enjoy them while we are here. Remember to take time for them. Don't work so hard for the big house and the fancy car that you lose site of what's important. 

  I have spent the better part of the last 2-3 years of my life, if not longer, looking for happiness. I used to think money was needed to find that happiness. I have reflected even more so on my life since losing my cousin in August. I have learned that you don't necessarily need money to make you happy. 

You can't find happiness. You create it. You create it by making memories with your family, finding hobbies you enjoy, or just finding contentment in sitting out on a porch on a warm sunny day and taking in the moment. You surround yourself with positive people and share in happiness with them. Take in nature, breathe in life. Cherish every moment and always remember to embrace the positivity.


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