Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Simplicity

Good Sunday morning! It's a quiet one here in WNY! I'm sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee from my French press. I received that little gem of a gift from my cousin in Florida. It has become my new favorite thing. I love my French press! I am also thinking about our friends further south of me as they battle storm Jonas this weekend. I hope every one is staying safe, and are warm inside and out of the storm. 

There are just a few little things in my life that I have come to really appreciate. Sunrises and sunsets, a good cup of coffee (anytime) and Sunday mornings. Of course when you can combine any of these things, you get an amazing medley for a perfect, relaxing Sunday.

So what is it about Sundays for me? Well first, on Sunday, you can find me in my living room, curled up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee, watching out the window. I love coffee, as I said, anytime. But I love when that aroma fills the house on a Sunday morning. It's become an art to me to make it in my French press, and making it fresh that way has helped me to become more present and appreciative of my Sundays. It's about playing Pandora and enjoying Van Morrison's station. I love Van Morrison, but I have also come to enjoy some other old classics like Sinatra, Martin and Etta James, just to name a few. It's that day of rest before having to start the work week on Monday. It's about finding peace and quiet and just reveling in it for a little while. It's about taking the time to breathe and find some much needed focus in my life. 

On Sundays, I enjoy my softly played music, my quiet and coffee while waiting for the rest of the family to awaken. Some Sundays, my daughter and her boyfriend  will take a drive to Tim Horton's for some fresh bagels. I'll make more coffee while they're gone. Then we all sit in the living room together while we talk, and enjoy one each others company. 

Although, there are other times when I will just make us breakfast. Something I also truly enjoy, because who doesn't LOVE Sunday breakfast, right?! Again, it's about the smells that just fill the house whether I'm making pancakes or sautéing peppers, onions and garlic for some amazing scrambled eggs!! Today, we did some wonderful breakfast tacos as I was just in the mood for something different. 

They turned out so good!! Usually when I make breakfast, once we have eaten, the kids help me clean up and then, I'll make coffee and we will just sit and have our time together then. Either way, it works. 

When I was a little girl, Sundays was about family and being together. Stores and businesses were closed. Sunday was a day of rest and about just being with family. It bothers me that over the years, so many have lost those values. I don't think it was an intentional doing as it was what society as a whole has become. The value of time spent with family has fallen to the wayside of making the almighty dollar. I try hard to save Sundays. Even though my kids sometimes have to work them, I try to make sure that I am here and present for them before they go to work or when then come home from work. It all depends what shifts they're working as they vary. Sometimes, on a financial level, I have no choice but to work on the occasional Sunday myself. But I do try making it a point not to (if I can help it) for the sake of my family.  Money comes and goes. We can't take it with us when our lives end and life is too short to be working 8 days a week. 

As my day is winding down here (Yes, I have been working on this entry off and on all day), Aretha Franklin's "Ain't No Way" is playing on Pandora, it's time to get ready for the work week ahead. But there are still a few hours of my Sunday left, so I plan on enjoying them. So try a little Sunday simplicity for yourself. Find what makes YOU happy on a Sunday and do it. Sleep in, make coffee, make breakfast for the family and reconnect after a busy week. Take some time to just slow down. Remember to cherish those little moments and as always, embrace the positivity!

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